Cyber Flavour Aroma Cocorito - 10ml

Cyber Flavour Cocorito - 10ml

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Concentrated flavoring – A cake that explodes with flavor. A perfect combination of soft, flavorful sponge cakes with some fresh milk cream with sweet, juicy coconut flakes. – Container: plastic bottle with childproof

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Product type: Concentrated flavoring

Italian Label

Made in Italy

Flavor: Sponge cake + Milk cream + Coconut

Content: 10ml

Container: 10ml plastic bottle with childproof cap

Nicotine: No

Brand: Cyber flavour

Suggestions: 8-10% solution - maturation period: 5 days for fruity aromas, 8days for tobacco flavors and 10 days for sweet flavors


1 x Cocorito, 10ml


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