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Mode of payment:

It's possible to pay by:

  • PayPal is the reliable way to pay for your purchases online because they never share your financial information with the recipient of the payment. In addition, programs PayPal protect you when purchasing online stores. In case of problems, Paypal will help you find a solution or, where possible, we will refund the value of the purchase. It does not end here: in case of fraudulent use of your account by any third party, PayPal will refund the amounts for all unauthorized transactions. 
  • Credit Card (means Paypal without registration) 

Orders placed with payment by Paypal will be kept on file for a period of 20 days, then they are automatically deleted in the event that we do not receive payment.

Attention: In case of cancellation by the customer will be reimbursed only the amount of the canceled goods net of fees.